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Justice for Adria

July 8, 2011

As the lethal injection began taking effect, the Mexican National convicted of the brutal rape and killing of a teenage girl in 1995 shouted, “Viva Mexico!” just before he died at a Texas prison.

Yeah. The “Big Deal” is the techincality, the equivalent of grasping at straws, to save this piece of filth from the justice awainting him. So they didn’t inform him that he had the “right” to contact the Mexican consulate, as if that would somehow counter the evidence that convicted him. (Another thought, Humberto Leal had been in the U.S. from the age of 2, and since we can’t ASK people if they are American citizens or not, how could the police even determine that he was an illegal Mexican immigrant to notify him? Hmmmm?)

From the report:

Adria Sauceda, 16, his victim, was found naked by authorities, according to court documents.

“There was a 30- to 40-pound asphalt rock roughly twice the size of the victim’s skull lying partially on the victim’s left arm,” court documents read. “Blood was underneath this rock. A smaller rock with blood on it was located near the victim’s right thigh.”

A “bloody and broken” stick roughly 15 inches long with a screw at the end of it was also protruding from the girl’s vagina, according to the documents.

But let’s see the face of the little 16 year old girl, raped, sodomized and bludgeoned to death by Leal.

Adria Sauceda

Adria has been forgotten by those who wish to save an animal who savaged her and then tossed her life away like so much rubbish. These people who somehow feel bad for Mr. Leal, and are somehow convinced perhaps he is innocent of the charges and shouldn’t be put to death….

Oh, and we get a “death bed” confession from Mr. Leal, so much for his innocence:

In his last minutes, Leal repeatedly said he was sorry and accepted responsibility.

“I have hurt a lot of people. … I take full blame for everything. I am sorry for what I did,” he said in the death chamber. 

Mr. Leal, I for one am glad that the Supreme Court didn’t overturn your death sentence, or give you a stay so that we could keep you alive for a year or two more as we “investigate” whether you were denied some “right” to notify your consulate, as if that would have or could have in some way changed your conviction… you knew what you did, and now you have stopped sucking down valuable oxygen…

You kill someone in Texas… we kill you back…

  1. Michael Eaton permalink
    July 11, 2011 10:04 am

    One stipulation, Craig. What if this situation was in Iran, and the government did not let a US citizen speak to his US consulate? Would your feelings differ?

  2. July 12, 2011 10:41 am

    Wait. Are you telling me that the American Justice System is comparable to the one in Iran?

    Are you telling me that the American Justice System is not open for all to see the evidence against the accused? Because that is the implication here, that contacting the consulate would have somehow changed the outcome.

    But the difference I see here is this:

    Had Mr. Leal been DENIED contacting his consulate when he requested to do so? Then perhaps you’d have a point.

    Or did he simply NOT contact his consulate. Never think that perhaps he should call representatives from his country since he had been living illegally in the United States since he was a small child, and didn’t really consider himself a visitor to a foreign country?

    Yeah. Like I said, grasping at straws, hoping a technicality would save a child rapist and murderer…

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