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Post office suspends retirement contributions

June 22, 2011

Post office suspends retirement contributions.

What? As Instapundit said concerning the California green car rebate,

Other People’s Money In Short Supply.

This is why I’m not expecting to find my pension, or my Social Security, or any of the other wonderful government promises there when I am ready to retire…

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  1. texan2driver permalink
    June 22, 2011 8:25 pm

    It’s funny that the gubment chooses to START getting stingy with money that some people at least worked for. Seems like to keep paying these folks it would make sense to quit throwing billions of bucks at the illegals who deserve none of it.

    Guess when I retire (for the first time) soon, I’ll have to plant a Victory GardenTM if I want to eat.

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