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Never bring a fake gun…

June 3, 2011

to a bank robbery…

Because this might happen…

Peoples, who honed combat skills during four years in Iraq and Kuwait, sprang into action Tuesday afternoon when a bank robber pointed a gun at Peoples’ two sons during the robbery.

The videos show a man brandishing a handgun and Peoples hiding his children behind furniture, then leaving after the robber to try to stop him.

Peoples jumped in his rented van and blocked the robber’s dark-colored Honda in a parking space. The robber rammed the van several times with his car, trying to flee.

When that did not work, he confronted Peoples, pointing his gun at his face.

Peoples said his Army combat training simply took over. He used his left arm to grab and twist the robber’s arm until the wrist locked, making it easy for Peoples to strip the gun away.

Then he used a martial arts move to wrap one arm behind the robber’s neck and slam him face first to the ground.

Peoples had the gun in one hand and the bag of money in the other; he was holding the robber to the ground when a deputy responding to the robbery pulled up in his squad car.

Awesome. Granted, it was a big chance Sgt. Peoples took in confronted this would-be bank robber, because, in the end, he was unarmed and had that been a real gun… Peoples might have left his children fatherless….

Ofcourse, he’d done tours overseas in war zones against actual trained killers, was familiar with guns, and realized that this guy was full of crap and using a plastic replica “weapon”..


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