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Could it be possible… I agree with Van Jones?

June 3, 2011

Because I do….

Watch the video:



Mr. Jones bemoans Representative Paul Ryan’s budget plan as being more distructive to our “critical infrastructure” than Al Qaeda could ever dream of. I couldn’t agree more.

Ofcourse, by “critical infrastructure” Mr. Jones means the behemoth centralized government and nanny state that “we” have (allowed to be) created over the last “100 years”.

Damn skippy. I want the “red white and blue” painted wrecking ball to plow right through the socialist dystopia Van Jones and the progressives have been pushing this country to for the last 100 years.

Because it isn’t “patriotism” to take from other people and redistribute to those you deem more worthy.

It isn’t the “Americam Dream” that our Founders set up to have the road on the way to the pursuit of happiness smoothed out and a virtually guaranteed standard of living built on the backs of others against their will.

If an individual state wants to pursue a redistributive policy complete with a plethora of socialist giveouts and nanny-statism… well, they’ll end up like California…. but perhaps they can make it work… and if they’re successful, other states can emulate it….

Ofcourse, Mr. Jones wants his ideals thrust on to the rest of us peons who don’t know what is good for us…. because he’s so smart….

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  1. texan2driver permalink
    June 3, 2011 10:54 pm

    Good recovery, Mav…

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