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Blowing up the Obama Hates the Military Meme

June 2, 2011

and he wants to cut their pay….

I’m sure, actually that he does. But as is pointed out in the below article, this is nothing new….


Now, the main point of the MAF release seems to be that President Obama is behind this sudden perfidy to cut troops pay.  While certainly Gates was working in his capacity of spokesman for the Administration in this regard, what is not mentioned is that this is the exact same debate that the Pentagon has been pushing for over the course of the LAST FIVE YEARS.  It didn’t pop out this month from nowhere.  I was listening to the same arguments from DoD actuaries that the military pay and benefits increases were unsustainable from the time I got back from Afghanistan and returned to following Armed Services hearings on the hill.

Take for example the Defense Advisory Committee on Military Compensation from 2005-6, which advocated almost the exact same sorts of changes that are now being discussed by Gates


I’m all for cutting the defense budget. There are layers and layers of waste there that could be leveled. Ofcourse, I’m also for completely gutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as the plethora of big government, unconstitutional programs, bureaus and handouts. And the one thing I’d like to see is that the U.S. government make do on its promises to those who have served.

Unfortunately for those who have served, they are a relatively small voting bloc, as compared to the millions upon millions of Americans dependent on the federal governments “generosity” with other people’s money,  a much larger voting bloc who will demand more and more of the federal pie…

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