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Just to kill the meme… one more time

May 27, 2011

Pretty silly that we have to keep pointing out to the redistributors that despite their claims that all will be well if we just get rid of the BUSH!™ Tax Cuts for the Evil Rich™ that somehow the financial mess that our country finds itself in will just “take care of itself” and the bread and circuses can continue unabated.

From Megan Mcardle:

“That’s why I think it’s a terrible idea to juxtapose the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and Social Security in a graph that implies that the costs are roughly the same size.  Not just because they’re not really equivalent–but because we don’t have that money to spend.  We’re already assuming that we let those tax cuts go in 2012, and the budget picture is still a disaster.

Easing the budget pressure from Social Security is going to require finding new revenue, or new cuts to existing programs–we can’t solve the shortfall with revenues we’ve already spent, any more than you can pay the mortgage with the check you sent to the electric company last week.  And those revenues and cuts will have to be large.  It is not helpful to imply otherwise.  The American public is already unwilling to confront the actual costs of the programs it has.  They don’t need any more encouragement to push their heads ever deeper into the sand.”

It is not just the American public who wants to push their heads into the sand, its our politicians as well. It is quite obvious that all of the Bush era tax cuts will need to expire in order to help increase revenue into the Treasury in way that does not put us more into debt. And it is equally obvious that increased revenue will NOT fix the problem of our financial debt and the distress it will lead to. Spending cuts MUST be the priority. While the government is not the same as a “company” or “household”, it is not immune to the same forces of economics that can plague those two entities as well.

But nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING, can be cut. And if it is, it will lead to Grandma™ eating out of a dumpster, kids won’t be able to read or write or add or subtract, and women won’t be able to abort their unborn babies in violation of the ?th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

I’ve become convinced that this will all collapse in on itself, like a dying star. It’s the only way this will change, when the system ends because it can no longer sustain itself.


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